Soil Interfaces for sustainable development

Soil Interfaces for Sustainable Development is the cross-cutting theme that encompasses the interests and scope of attendees affiliated with the ISMOM, CSSS and AQSSS groups. To encourage interaction and networking, conference attendees will be able to submit presentations to, and attend, any scientific sessions sponsored by these groups. The language of the meeting will be English, but presentations in French will also be accepted.

Commission 2.5 (Soil chemical, physical and biological interfacial reactions) of IUSS (International Union of Soil Sciences) hosts an international symposia once every 4-years called the International Symposium on Interactions of Soil Minerals with Organic Components and Microorganisms (ISMOM). The aim of the symposia is to create a forum for exchange and discussion between scientists from different fields of soil science: chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physics, ecology and environmental science. Previously held in Canada, France, Italy, China and Chile, this meeting - ISMOM 2015 - will follow the tradition of friendly, stimulating encounters between scientists from all facets of soil science. The difference between ISMOM 2015 and previous symposia is that it will be jointly with the annual meetings of two  Canadian soil science societies, which is a fitting way to share knowledge, ideas and build collaborations among soil scientists in the International Year of Soils 2015:

CSSS: (Canadian Society of Soil Science) is a non-governemental, non-profit organization for scientists, engineers, technologists, administrators and students involved in professional soil science. Its goal is to nurture the discipline of soil science in Canada and ensure its relevance in the future. More information about CSSS is available at:

AQSSS: (Association Québécoise de Spécialistes en Sciences du Sol) is a non-profit Québec-based organization of scientists, technologists and students involved in professional soil science. The objective of AQSSS is to share and disseminate scientific and technical information on any subject of interest concerning the use, management and conservation of the soil. More information about AQSSS is available at:

As a joint conference, the entire group will gather for the welcome reception, coffee breaks, lunches and the gala dinner (banquet). Generous periods are allotted to poster presentations, discussions and social events, featuring a mid-week trip with several options for field tours/touristic excursion. Registration fees are low and all-inclusive (welcome cocktail, lunches, coffee breaks, and gala dinner) with special rates for students and a program of activities suggested for accompanying persons.

The organisers reserve the right to publish on the Web site and convey to symposium participants non confidential details such as name, address, abstract and key words.